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Phosphating precision seamless steel pipe


Phosphating precision seamless steel pipe

Technology is introduced: High-quality phosphating treatment on the inner and outer surfaces of precision bright seamless steel pipe; forming a uniform and dense crystal structure, obtaining a phosphating protective film with high  Wear resistance,high corrosion resistance and uniform color; after phosphating then immersing special anti-rust oil, the formed phosphating film layer is fine, lubricious, beautiful in appearance, and superior in corrosion resistance and rust prevention.

Features: Phosphating film and steel pipe are a tightly integrated whole structure with porosity, so that sealants, coatings can penetrate into these pores, and tightly combine with the phosphate film, the coated phosphate film is porous. Uniform and fine, the coating penetrates into the pores, greatly increasing and improving the adhesion and gloss saturation of the coating.

Application industry: Widely used in engineering machinery, shipbuilding, precision machinery, hydraulic system and other industries. The surface of phosphating precision seamless steel pipe is especially suitable for painting or spray coating. The paint surface has strong adhesion, excellent effect and beautiful ,anti rust effect Greatly strengthened.


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