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Color zinc precision seamless steel pipe


Color zinc precision seamless steel pipe

Technology is introduced: Electro-galvanizing is a cold-galvanizing process that utilizes the principle of electrolysis and meets environmental requirements. A uniform, dense and well-bonded zinc coating is formed on the surface of the bright seamless steel pipe to improve the surface quality and corrosion resistance and improve the use efficiency. Galvanized color: white, color, the effect is more beautiful. When bending, the galvanized layer is not peeled off, and the effect is excellent. After the passivation treatment of the galvanized layer, the anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability are enhanced.

Application industry: It is applied to the chassis hydraulic and air piping systems of various vehicles and engineering machinery; the hydraulic system of precision machinery and the users with high requirements on the accuracy, aesthetics and corrosion resistance of steel pipes; The beauty, anti-rust ability, and improve the quality of user products.

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