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Company Vision:Global tube, globally circulated

Company spirit:Self-discipline and great virtue

Company philosophy: Quality、Honest、 Win-win coopertation

We carry out employee activities every month, let every employee can participate the activities that are rich and colorful, and the employees' amateur life and quality training can be integrated.


We have a dream !!

In the future, Xuzhou Global will start from the past achievements. On the road of sustainable development, we will adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Self-discipline and great virtue”, establish a rapid response mechanism for market information, continuously innovate and research, continuously improve product quality, and constantly adjust. Marketing strategy, multi-channel and multi-level to expand market development space.

The company always bears in mind the social responsibility while shouldering the heavy responsibility of technological innovation. Over the years, the company has adhered to the "five two-way" working mechanism of party building work and enterprise development. Party committees and trade unions face the diversification of the composition of the workforce, vigorously carry out various types of training, and carry out employee activity weeks every month. The rich and varied entertainment and cultural and sports activities make the workforce united and dreams resonate.

We know that what is needed for business development is continuous and dedicated investment. We still need to constantly self-examine and base ourselves today with confidence. Taking on the great responsibility of local economic development; taking on the rise of China's manufacturing, we will strengthen the vision of “Global tube, globally circulated”, broaden the ideas of enterprise development with products, and win the recognition of partners with credit.