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Staff union

The Global Company's union is committed to creating an aim that gives each employee a sense of pride, happiness and belonging, and makes every employee have the feeling that the company's union as their own "family".

The company's goal is to create three models: safety and environmental protection, science and technology and management innovation, grassroots party building and union of non-public enterprises. The union closely focuses on the company's work goals and mentalities, combines the party building work, carries out its work according to its own characteristics, transforms the advantages and special functions of the union organization into the actual productivity that promotes the development of the enterprise, and creates a heartwarming "home of workers."

In order to provide better services to employees, the company has invested substantial contribution to build a "home of workers", constantly improve the positions of union, carry out functional divisions, and build "gym", "reading room", "home of women workers", The "maternal and child room" has truly upgraded the union, and the work of the union has been carried out with great vigour.


Around the service production, service enterprises, service workers, the union organizes a series of colorful activities every year, and strives to encourage employees to take the initiative to contribute to the progressive awareness, strengthen professional ethics, create a good cultural atmosphere, and truly make the company becomes the worm family.