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Army Green Passive Precision Seamless Steel Tube


Army Green Passive Precision Seamless Steel Tube

Technology is introduced:Army Green Passive Precision Steel Pipe is a product developed to meet the requirements of environmental protection and the increasing surface corrosion resistance of the automobile and machinery industries. It is used for internal and external wall green passivation treatment on the basis of bright seamless pipe.

Features: Passivation introduces surfactant to make the chemical reaction continuously and evenly at the interface to obtain a complete army green passivation film, and has strong gloss, excellent adhesion, high corrosion resistance, and effectively improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe. It has outstanding anti-corrosion performance, excellent anti-rust effect and good appearance. It is tested according to GB/T10125 for neutral salt spray. The experiment time is 240 hours, no red corrosives.

Application industry: Widely used in heavy-duty vehicles, military industry, rail transit, railway locomotives, engines, and users with high precision, smoothness, anti rust and anti corrosion resistance for precision steel tube inner and outer walls. It is applied to the air circuit and hydraulic system of the Automobile chassis, have excellent effects.


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