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Bright precision seamless steel pipe


Bright precision seamless steel pipe

Execution standard:DIN2391 EN10305 GB/T3639

Technology is introduced:choose high quality carbon steel billet to ensure its excellent performance from the raw material;Steel pipes are drawn or rolled with special machine tools. The inner and outer walls of the steel pipe The inner and outer walls of the steel tube have high smoothness and accurated dimensional ,Metallic white-light features similar to stainless steel. The vacuum protection bright heat treatment process makes the inner and outer walls of the precision seamless steel pipe have no oxide layer; it is fully Conform to the  Resistant high pressure. Tensile strength, shock resistance and other mechanical properties, steel pipe through bending, flaring without cracks, excellent performance; special cleaning equipment with high-efficiency cleaning agent and high-pressure washing,inner and outer walls of the steel tube coated with anti-rust oil for anti-rust treatment,Cover both ends to prevent dust.

Application industry:It is used for hydraulic and pneumatic systems and users who have high precision for steel pipe, internal and external wall high cleanliness and high mechanical performance. It fully meets the requirements for high-clean hydraulic pipe use, and the effect is ideal;It is widely used in fields such as hydraulic cylinders, engines, hydraulic pumps stations and hydraulic systems, and is an ideal seamless steel tube for mechanical hydraulic devices.

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